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October 10, 2008


fancy feet

Listening to the detailed description of someone remodeling their kitchen counting as a financial advantage made me laugh. Another one for me is not having to hear about all the deals people are finding online shopping.


Yep Old Navy sure is good, my sister use to live in New York and she would regularly send us clothing from there.

vicki grobels

Great post !!

Love that you see positive where others see negative.



Oh, Suz, you and your little lists. I love them! It's no wonder you were drawn to McSweeney's.

I myself was thinking along the lines of kitchens, with this twist - ours badly needs to be redone, but now the pressure is OFF. And by pressure, I mean, I am no good at making all of those choices! So we'll just suffer through my 40-year-old, painted-over one for now. It gets the job done. And it's ours, dammit!


Oh, did I not comment on this one the first time around? Genius! And oh so accurate.

NOw ifyou'll excuse me, I feel a nap coming on...

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