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September 30, 2008


Mental P Mama

LOL. They must be transplants from here.


damn it, what do you have against kool and the gang!?

as far as party personalities go, i'm definitely the charming drinker.

that girl

Sadly, the minute detail person is coming to my child's 5th birthday party on Sunday. She will have a lot of tips for me, I'm sure...


AWWW those wedding photos are so pretty! I hate dinner parties like that, I usually make an appearance with my dh for an hour or so then pretend we double booked ourselves and quietly leave.

Big Hair Envy

I still like Kool & the Gang. What does that say about MY party personality??? Heehee!

It's comforting to know that the "Arrogant Real Estate Related Professional" is not just an east coast phenomenon. If I hear someone brag once more about their "river house", or about how they saw the market swing and bought their million dollar first home JUST before the neighborhood got too pricey, I will just SCREAM!


Boy, aren't you a spaz in that video? Larry WAS nice to be so understanding.
I know the Arrogant Real Estate Related Professional, he's my brother in law. They like to talk about cigars and custom garages, too. You forgot that.

Plunger Girl

Hahaha...That's a rad hat you had on.

Marcy Massura-The Glamorous Life

I can not get over the wedding photo of you two.
SO much envy running thru my veins. Okay it is offical. I hate you. In a sorta I-totally-love-you-way....



I've been to parties where I wanted to go home that bad! Ha ha ha. My husband wouldn't have been so nice about me freaking out like that though.
Okay, the minute-detail talker, I know so many women like that. It drives me crazy! Ordering Mountain Dew. I am for sure going to try that next time. But, no the blowing my nose in a $20, gross!


I avoid social gatherings of all kinds. Problem solved.

But I do like to talk about Cigars. To myself.


ugh. I know those types. I don't get to go to many parties, but when I do, oh, these folks are a d-r-a-g. By the way, I looked at your anniversary post, and you were a gorgeous gorgeous bride.


Gotta try that $20 bill sneeze schtick. Love it.


Oh, really good post, with your right-on perceptions....and I love the addition of the GWTW clip! Cute! Hey.....we might get along.....I actually have more than 12 cats (outdoors, thankfully) and do more listening than talking. One learns more that way! Thanks for showing up on my blog......that led me to your blog!

vicki grobels

girl - u r a riot (oops - i'm using my text type - ugh oh well)
i was laughing and laughing - jeff looks up at me and says "suzanne's blog?"
"yep" i say - she cracks me up (does anyone say that anymore?)

Carol Cummings

OMG!!! I DID A SPIT TAKE on the movie clip...um I mean the clip of you and Larry at the party. Sooooooo funny and blowing your nose in a $20 bill that will detract more than just the Salesman!
Great Blog! I'm a fan!

Andrew Milton

I want to party with you! I would like to see all of these techniques in action. Especially the blowing your nose in a twenty. Where is Villa Park? Hahahahaha


F****** Hilarious!!!!! How are you not writing for SNL or something? I just about got fired from my job I was laughing so hard at the Youtube clip. If I do, I'll be your personal assistant.

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