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September 03, 2008



That is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Ever. He must've been a very confident boy . . . . he could have at least scratched it out to the point you couldn't READ it!! Thanks for the late night laugh!


Ahh, I'm sorry that was probably a bummer when you first saw it, but to look back on it it's rather funny! At least he still loved you, even if he didn't find you a total babe!


That is frickin' hilarious. Guys are clueless.

Happy Mommy

He so really wanted you to know that your were not only rad but a Total BABE! Very funny. Remember Do you want to go out circle yes or no...

The Apron Queen

Too funny! Needed some white out!

My Fro Post is There is a snake on my foot! http://anapronaday.blogspot.com/2008/09/tale-of-two-leopard-spotted-shoes.html


Do you remember the old country song "Somebody's gonna give you back what you've been givin' and I hope that I'm around... To watch 'em knock you down.."

I wish that for you. What a turkey old James Cox was.

And I bet you were and are a TOTAL Babe.


Doug L.

What a tool.

Happy Mommy

Sue it is in Northern Virginia all the way across the country. With Disney in your neck of the woods you would be very disappointed with Paramount Kings Dominion.


I so remember all the now embarrasing things we wrote on yearbooks & notebooks. Great idea for this.

Mental P Mama

This is priceless. I went to an all girls' school. No boys wished me a rad summer in my yearbooks. Bummer.

We are THAT family

Oh, my gosh! That is hilarious and so sad for your preteen self!


I wonder what old Jimmy Cox is up to now? Do you think he is still a tool?

Marcy Massura-The Glamorous Life

That is too funny. Pleeeeeaaassse tell me you have googled ol' James Cox. Facebook? Linkedin?...Come on.....I gotta know what he is up to..or at the least know if he ever got it on with Wendy. Besides you could send him a link to this. For REVENGE (oh I mean FUN)


Nannette Spencer

I desperately, DESPERATELY want James Cox to read your blog. Right now. Rad.

Valarie Lea

He at least could have marked it out better, and maybe started it again on another page. Adolescent guys have no common sense. :)


Oh my gosh...BOYS!!! They have no couth! (I think I spelled that right!)

Marie Sackett

Oh my gosh - That would have horrified my teen self and I would have obsessed over it forever!!!! Really you need to find James Cox and send that to him!


Ouch. I had one that misspelled a word, "You are so sweat" Great.
Hope you had a rad summer.

Amanda at Broughton Hospitality

"You're a total babe" is so ancient! Well, at least for my generation. Now people say "You're HOT." Personally, i think "babe" is more of a compliment ha.


Best laugh I've had all week. I bet he's bald with a pot belly and hairy back now.


That is just too freakin' funny. I remember passing yearbook after yearbook around on the last days of school. It was always fun! And this just proves it.


Wow, busy here today. Okay, I am not going to slam this poor guy because I am SURE I have done the same thing somewhere in my past. Probably worse. I think he thought you were a babe and didn't want you to know. If a guy REALLY thinks U R a babe he wouldn't write it in your yearbook.

 Tonggu Momma

Definitely the funniest SFMTO post of the week!!! Do you get an award for that? If so, I'm sure it's rad.

Muthering Heights

Oh rats, I think my comment was deleted!

At any rate, your post is HILARIOUS!!!!!


I HOPE this GUY has a GOOGLE ALERT on his name...

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