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September 01, 2008



That cake looks YUMMY! Good on you for not giving up ... much.


You did great Suzanne! See. ANY cake made with love will be better than store bought. I always tell people when they have a little dessert disaster to "dust with powdered sugar or coca powder and dim the lights"


That cake looks totally edible! It has now induced late night junk food cravings...must resist...


Ha ha! I like it when you make fun of yourself. Yes, Billy Bragg is WAY too rowdy for baking. Grilling IS MORE OF MANLY cooking endeavor. I am glad everyone liked your cake better.
Good read today.

Suz Broughton

Missy, thanks for the encourement.
Andrea, sorry I used the box. Good advise.
Aracely, sorry for the temptation.
Nat, thanks.


I'm a quitter too! I don't think it is all bad. We don't waste our time on things that probably won't work out anyway...AM I RIGHT? Besides, I am always up for being cute and charming so things usually work out for me.
Funny one...Really funny.

Doug L.

I would eat it. But I would eat the first one with no egg too. Quitters ROCK!

Plunger Girl


I think we're related.

Mental P Mama

We must be related somehow. But I would have had the earthquake cake, too. Yummy!

Lisa Baer-Schoeneberger

You didn't quit, and that's important! You persevered, and sure, it wasn't perfect, but it was made with love, and love covers many faults and shortcomings. You and I are both wives and mothers...what do you think our husbands and children will judge us by in the end? Not by how white their tube socks were, or how often the tops of the closet shelves were dusted, but by how much they were loved by you!

I bet that cake tasted great!



I was reading this while waiting for my son at the orthodontist, I was laughing out loud, everyone was looking and I so wanted to let them see your story, it is great! We have all done this, and I am so pleased to see that you ate the second one, which even though the presentation was not what you were working for it looked like it tasted GREAT! You are my hero, great job!


That's awesome! Decades ago, right after Mt. St. Helens erupted, my aunt had a disaster cake, and she chose to decorate like the volcano since it already had a crater. She sprinkled poppy seeds on the icing, made a river of lava out of cooked blueberries, and strung toothpicks with little warning signs. It was a huge hit. An easier fix would be what my mother always told us when our crackers broke before we got them to our mouths: they taste just the same whole or in pieces. Your cake looks delicious! Good for you for sticking to it.

vicki grobels

OOOOOO your poor cake - bet it was still very yummy!

Shelly P

Ha ha! That's true, bad cake is still good cake and a bad chicken is really really bad news. So funny.


For some reason I am recalling your Vimeo about the Safeway and wondering which aisle in the grocery store do the boxed cake mixes come from and do you think they have it in the correct aisle??? :-)

I think it's a cute cake and really, once the forkful hits the mouth, isn't it all the same difference?


Greetings from another baking-school dropout. For some reason, I love to cook but HATE baking. I've had so many bad outcomes it's like a joke around my house. Everyone knows I head to the bakery when dessert is on the menu.


You really pulled that one off. I would dive into that cake over the store cake every time. And I define a "scratch" cake the same way. Any combination of chocolate and vanilla is irresistible to me.

You oughtta be a spin doctor! Earthquake cake. Great kick save!


LOL That's classic and yep it's looking like a delicious cake!


Good save. And yes, I'd eat your cake EVERY TIME, and come back for seconds. Also? If it makes you feel any better, I wrote up a story months ago called the World's Most Expensive Pound Cake, I think, about My Brother The Chef's perceived failures and final redemption with three cakes in one night. Always makes me feel better.

Candid Carrie

OH MY GOSH ... "the fault line" ... that is good! I've got a great recipe that will now be called "earthquake lasagne" Thanks for the belly laugh!

Sweet Mummy

I have made a few 'earthquake' dishes myself. This one is a good one! The cake still looked yummy. My sweetie would have said, "It's all going to the same place anyway!"

Candid Carrie

Hey you ... just digging around at Boudica ;)


A love story! Cute :)


The cake must have tasted great because there wasn't much left of it. Your husband must have loved that you persevered to make a cake for his birthday. (I'm a quitter too ~ it's just good to know when something is worth pursuing.)

I love your blog banner ~ it looks great! Go Ducks Go ~ I'll cheer them on as long as they aren't playing the Canadiens!!)


You should flip the cake onto a cake board you can find them in a local grocery store. then just ice right on the board then, stick the cake right onto the pedestal... mind you removing wake paper like that will never work as you prob know from trying it just pulls the cake apart. Ive been baking now for 10 years and you seem to be a lot more patient then me lol. I would have thrown the cake away and tried again... it reminds me of an earthquake cake. Im glad it tasted good and better luck next time

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