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September 12, 2008


texasholly @ June Cleaver Nirvana

Holy crap that was funny.

Marcy Massura-The Glamorous Life

I know if I forget the baby he goes right for the mini-margaritas taken out of the cold (not vey cold) part of the fridge. Ya know after he sticks his hand in your not sugar, not flour (um anthrax? cocaine? detergent? AH! Spenda?) jar.


Glad she clarified on the PM for picking up the kids, 3 AM would have been a little late (or early). Funny that note says "suzanne broughton" on it. These could by any chance just snap shots from YOUR house could they? Na, you don't have a baby to forget.


I was wondering why my kids slept so well after I gave them a Jose 'slushy'. Thanks for clearing it up, DO NOT give to kids...


LMAO! Classic!

Plunger Girl

LMAO...I need those fridge notes.


You really love those mini margaritas don't you?

Mental P Mama

Wait. Are we long lost twins?


My turn to say hi .. and I love this post .. going to go read more .. but you're sense of humor is wonderful .. and I use those notes too .. AND I often still dont remember ..



We know this poor baby is a blonde. I admire her. Know your limitations & work with them. 3M must love blonde moms; keeps those POST-IT sales up! (Uh, what's she doin' with a note pad with your name on it? Are we missing something?)


Love this. Adding you to my blogroll. Keep your camera handy. The pictures are so fun! I'm a very visual blog reader. Great job!!

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